Exploring how communication changes between family members as we age

The Aging Family Conversation Project

The Aging Family Conversation Project (AFCP) is a series of podcasts, live events, and online resources for learning about the conversations aging families are having about eldercare. How are we communicating with each other at this most crucial time when communication might not have been easy before? Can we find ways to bridge communication when we are stressed and wondering about the future? What does it take to be the one who risks the first word of compassion to ourselves and others? This series features voices of family members on the front lines and some who live at a distance. In conversation with Bev Parsons, we learn about the kinds of conversations families are having about eldercare. They offer ideas and tools about how families might grow and learn together. Please click a photo below to listen to podcast interviews.

Adult Child Discusses Communication With Family

Living Will and Do Not Resuscitate Order

Son Caregiver of Mother with Alzheimer’s

Daughter Caregiver for Both Parents

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